Shortly you will die

“Shall I prevail upon any of you this morning to come to Jesus Christ?

There are a multitude of souls here; how shortly must you all die, and go to judgment!

… I must not flatter you, my dear friends; I will deal sincerely with your souls. Some of you may think I carry things too far. But, indeed, when you come to judgment, you will find what I say is true, either to your eternal damnation or comfort.

May God influence your hearts to come to him! I am not willing to go away without persuading you. I cannot be persuaded but God may make use of me as a means of persuading some of you to come to the Lord Jesus Christ.

… My business this morning, the first day of the week, is to tell you that Christ is willing to be reconciled to you.

Will any of you be reconciled to Jesus Christ.

Then, he will forgive you all your sins, he will blot out all your transgressions.

George Whitefield
The Collected Sermons of George Whitefield.


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