CES 2020

A couple of weeks ago, I had the opportunity to attend the 2020 Consumer Electronics Show.

I have always found the annual show to be a fascinating experience — seeing the “marvelous toys” heading our way.

This year was certainly no exception.

Smart Stuff

It took a couple of days of full time walking just to see everything and another day to go back and spend extended time talking with various exhibitors.
The main themes I picked up at the show were the emphasis on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Smart Things (often tied in with AI).
Smart cars. Smart cities. Smart homes. Smart everything.

My Favorites

Two companies that impressed me were …
Watergen – Watergen has developed a fascinating appliance — Genny. It takes air in our environment and converts it to water. It can be used in your home, your office, or off the grid. Depending on the humidity of the area, it makes about 8 gallons of pure water a day. It’s a small device (about the size of a water cooler) that could easily fit in a home or office, but they also make a commercial version that could supply water for an office building.

I wrote about this device a couple of years ago and had the opportunity to spend time with the Vice President of Sales and Marketing for North America and am very impressed with their goals.
You can check out their website:  https://us.watergen.com/
n.thing – The company won a 2020 CES Inovation Award for their product. Using a refrigerated container, they have developed a hydroponic “vertical farm” that can be used in cities and other non-agricultural environments.

One of their containers can produce over two tons of produce per year.

Check them out.