The Great Adventure

Amy Prescott is just your ordinary, everyday high school senior — beautiful, brilliant, athletic, able to pick the hunk of her choice, and a scholarship to Harvard nearly in her hands. Okay, maybe not so ordinary. But she had a perfect plan for her life until her grandpa had that stroke thing and she was forced to take care of him while the rest of the family tried to divide up the estate. So much for perfect plans.

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The Outer Rims

A rugged space marshal vowed he would never return to the remote planet where his parents were murdered, but when his wife was diagnosed with a terminal illness, and the only place where her healing could be guaranteed was the planet he hated. He felt he had no choice but to return.

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Preacher Man

A small time con man hiding from cops and drug dealers persuades the people in a remote Nevada town that he’s the new pastor of their small church.

One small time con man, one remote Nevada town, and one small church town will never be the same.

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Josh Lyons is doing what he loves — proving that what happens in Vegas does not stay in Vegas. Josh heads a small detective agency that documents the indiscretions of unfaithful spouses for use in divorce and custody proceedings.

During a routine job, Josh sees one of his subjects about to have sex with a young girl, so he breaks off the surveillance, beats up the John and turns the girl over to the cops for protection.

When he hears a contract has been put out on the girl and someone in Metro is involved, he steals her from the “safe” house and hides her from the criminals and police who want to kill her.

Accused of being a kidnapper and child molester, Josh is pursued by the cops, the mob, and the media. Friends who will help him are hard to find and difficult to keep alive. The girl wants to escape from Josh and get back to her pimp. His computer guy is not into physical violence. And the missionary lady who speaks the kid’s language doesn’t approve of Josh’s lifestyle.

Josh doesn’t know who he can trust but realizes he’s going to have to take down some rich and powerful people if there’s any hope for them to survive.

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